About Specialcise

An exercise program with a difference.

We all have special qualities and people with developmental disabilities need to be fit and active just like their typically developing peers. At Specialcise our specifically tailored programs are designed to not only meet typical exercise goals such as  increasing fitness and strength, building muscle and confidence;  but we have also incorporated important brain development exercises like crossing the midline along with necessary fine motor, gross motor and core development exercises.

Fact Sheets

Instructional Video

Audio Files

Application Forms

Printable Visuals

How will we do this?

By supplying you with loads of information about the what’s, why’s and how’s. Our program includes everything you need to know about training people with special needs.  We have fact sheets, video, audio and down loadable application forms and visuals. If you’re a personal trainer or gym coach you already know how to instruct and help individuals achieve their fitness goals so why would you invest in Specialcise? Because we’ve thought of everything like specially designed member application forms and visuals to help you excel at delivering an exercise program that is not only fun but extremely beneficial and if you have a question along the way, we’re here to give you ongoing support. And if you’re a parent who doesn’t have access to a personal trainer, our videos and written instructions will help you deliver a program for your child that you can enjoy together. We also offer a template that you can download so you can introduce the Specialcise Program to your local gym or personal trainer. Plus, if you purchase the full program we are here to give you ongoing support

Why Specialcise?

Keeping individuals healthy and happy and developing is our focus and we want it to be easy for you. We looked for a program like this and when we couldn’t find one, we developed one ourselves. We are passionate about getting kids with special needs involved in a gym program from a young age and getting adults on track too. A gym program that…

Is inclusive, safe and non judgemental but also fun.

A program that provides lots of learning opportunities and new experiences.

A program that includes what is needed for people with special needs; repetition, visuals, music, exercise, relaxation.

A structured program that can provide kids with a lifetime love for exercise and a healthy existence and help improve adults health and well being too.

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