About Specialcise

An exercise program with a difference.

We all have special qualities and people with developmental disabilities need to be fit and active just like their typically developing peers. At Specialcise our specifically tailored programs are designed to not only meet typical exercise goals such as  increasing fitness and strength, building muscle and confidence;  but we have also incorporated important brain development exercises like crossing the midline along with necessary fine motor, gross motor and core development exercises.

Parent Program

An introductory program for parents to do with their kids. This engaging program will ensure kids have fun while they’re getting fit and active.

Full Program

A carefully structured and planned program for kids and adults with special needs. This engaging program will ensure participants  have fun while they’re getting fit and active.


Our merchandise is designed to be comfortable and easy to wear when working hard on our unique programs. Check out our store now!

Specially formulated exercise programs for people with diversity

For Personal Trainers